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Good morning! I woke up at 4:30 and my mind is Jello, so I’m sticking to quick hits today.

WaPo‘s Jessica Dawson on “One Hour Photo,” the exhibit at the Katzen Art Center in which 128 photographs by different artists are shown for one hour each, and then never again. In other words, they each have about the same practical impact as this roundup!

Arts Desk contributor Ryan Little has a nice profile of Imperial China overat Express. The aggressive, experimental D.C. trio brings its, um, post-post-hardcore to the Rock & Roll Hotel tonight.

Thanks to Arizona’s new immigration law, Robert Rodriguez‘s Machete is now insanely topical.

Finally: Today is City Paper Managing Editor Andrew Beaujon‘s last day. There’s no way I can do justice to his contributions (nay, his leadership) here, so I’ll stay topical. He wrote some of the best things that have appeared on this blog, and on Black Plastic Bag before it. Seriously, browse his archive. Related: Stereogum is sad that this summer’s TeenBeat (Teenbeat? Teen-Beat?) reunion shows won’t include Eggs. Moi aussi!

I expect to read lots of hung Parliament jokes today!