Not sure if the band has officially announced this release yet, but the promo’s been sitting in our office for at least a few days, so I figure it’s fair game: The prolific, polymathic D.C. and Lexington, Ky., alt-country band These United States is set to drop its fourth album, What Lasts, on July 20 on the United Interests label. It’s a more explicitly country affair than past outings——an inviting, world-weary fog floats over the first two tracks.

The band plays Saturday at the Black Cat at 9 p.m. $12.

What Lasts tracklist after the jump.

1. Nobody Can Tell

2. Dug Him in the Dirt

3. One You Believe

4. Great Rivers

5. Just This

6. Life&Death She&I

7. Ever Make You Mine

8. What Do You Want with My Heart?

9. What Lasts

10. Water & Wheat