Morning kids. Looks a bit like rain today, and I can’t say I approve. It’s cold as fuck.

So my bi-annual quarter life crisis didn’t quite arrive this year. It was too busy freaking Gen X out as the Baby Boomers strut down runways–guess you really are never too old for anything.

I’m starting to think life is going to be one long crisis. In Sam Lipsyte’s dark comedy, The Ask, born out from the generation grown in the late ‘80s and ‘90s America, he writes: “Maybe not the glory of rushing a Nazi foxhole…but the privileged of our generation did what they could, like the rest of us.”

In his Times piece, A.O. Scott dissects the novel:

“We did what we could: the slogan of the underachiever, the excuse maker, the loser. What they did, at least on the evidence of Milo’s testimony, was smoke weed, argue about Theory, sleep with one another’s girlfriends and boyfriends and wonder what was going to happen next.”

Jefferson Starship (Airplane, Starship, what have you) and John Hughes takes a lot out of you. But really, it sounds like every generation in the post-(old)war era to me. Modern warfare’s given most of us a luxury unwarranted.

On to issues that affect our everyday:

Taking over the world one friend at a time, Glee, and disowning Arizona. Live operations to appear on national TV. McSteamy just wasn’t doin’ it. And who needs another boy band?

With all our time, we’ve discovered Toyland for adults! Everything’s better oversized. And of course, what’s better than inebriation? Selling your virginity in Vegas and being in a reality TV show! What better way to pay off those student loans and achieve that dream of stardom.

I always thought anything was possible. Sarah Palin almost became president, these girls are selling their virginity on TV–this shit is blowing my mind.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!