Hiya, readers. It’s Thursday! Make it through today and we’re into Friday, everybody’s favorite day of the week. And if you want to start the party early, come celebrate our just-published Summer Music Guide with us tonight at the Rock & Roll Hotel. It’s free, and the top three readers picks for Best Local Band will be playing. Seriously, flossing your cat is not a sufficient excuse for not coming.

According to DCist, Top Chef finished filming in the District last weekend. So, no more sightings of Tom at Ben’s Chili Bowl, Padma at your local gym, and Gail hanging out with last season’s resident jerk—and Zaytinya chef—Mike Isabella. The sixth-most-popular word that comes up if you type “Mike Isabella” in Google’s entry field is “douche.” Not even kidding—try it yourself.

It’ll be a little while before Top Chef DC airs, but in the meantime we can try to sate ourselves with Top Chef Masters. This season’s answer to Mike Isabella is Susur Lee, proprietor of Asian fusion joint Zentan, in Dupont. Sure, the guy’s talented—he’s won two elimination challenges with 19 and 19.5 points out of a possible 20, the highest totals in the history of the show—but he’s also a cocky SOB. At least he looked silly last night during the Simpsons-themed quickfire when he pronounced Marge with a hard ‘g’—”Marg-a.”

Pierre Hardy limited-edition sandals for Gap are finally for sale online. Cute, but uncomfortable-looking, even if they are wedges/platforms. I am coveting the flat espadrilles, though. And lest you balk at the thought of paying $100 for a pair of Gap shoes, take a peek at the prices of his signature line.