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Do you like musical adventures? Do you like endless loops? Per an intriguing e-mail I received this morning, from a local experimental musician who didn’t sign his name: “on sunday may 23, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, 185 people will gather in a tunnel running beneath the c&o canal near georgetown. there we will make sound together and record sound together.”

The sound will be turned into a 1.8 second lock groove. (1.8 seconds—-so short and yet also endless!)

This will be one of 100 lock grooves put onto a record that will be sold to raise money to put on D.C.’s annual Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music.

The record, per the e-mail, costs $185 per loop to record—-and so each of the 185 participants in the recording has to bring $1 to the tunnel to cover their 1/185th of the fun and costs.

What kind of fun? The philosophical/experimental kind. The e-mail explains it best:

“so when you show up with your dollar and everyone else, 185 of us, we will not only make sublime sounds in a fit of communal ecstasy, also we will make lasting commentary on a number of subjects, namely:

-the sheer density of unprocessed sonic material that might be crammed into 1.8 seconds… many people, mightily condensed… just playing with extremes, you know…
-the power of collective action, which will certainly take on a life of its own and explode any attempts at control imposed by the instigator…
-the scope of what can be accomplished via the distribution of burden over a large network… small-scale subversion of the logic of capital from within the confines of that logic, maybe?
-anything any thing everything etc.”

For more information – including directions to the tunnel, e-mail turnonthelighthouse@yahoo.com.