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Today is National Doodle Day! This is, I’m fairly sure, one of those ludicrous holidays invented so that NPR can do an arch-but-really-not-too-arch story about it, like International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Usually this is the part where I call bullshit, but meh: Unlike pirates, doodles I can get behind.

I asked some of my colleagues to doodle their best doodles (see Interim News Editor Chris Shott‘s, at right), which you can admire after the jump. Think you can doodle better? Prove it, and send me your best doodle. I’ll post the best submission  on Arts Desk later today or tomorrow. If I pick your doodle, you can come to my office, which is overflowing with books I will never read and CDs I will never listen to, and take one (1) item—-as long as it’s not my computer, phone, reference books, or dignity. This includes some great things! Like: Blood in the Cage: Mixed Martial Arts, Pat Miletich, and the Furious Rise of the UFC by L. Jon Wertheim, and Darrow Montgomery‘s bicycle! (Just kidding about that last one. OR AM I?)

Now start doodling!

Housing Complex reporter Lydia DePillis doodled what I’m fairly sure is an exploding dinosaur.

Photographer Darrow Montgomery doodled everything he loves.

I’m really not sure what to make of Online Producer Ted Scheinman‘s doodle.

Interns Will Sommer and Alex Baca like dogs.

Web Programmer Will Atwood Mitchell is an actual doodler! This is from his work area.

City Lights Editor Erin Petty‘s doodle is a borderline-drawing. Should it count?

I can’t tell if Staff Writer Amanda Hess‘ doodle is dead, or simply has adorable buttons for eyes. “My doodle is open to interpretation,” she says.