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There’s a misleading sentence, I think, in my feature from this week, “The Gig Chill,” about the changing landscape of independent touring and veterans of DIY have reacted to it. I wrote: “[Alex] Kemp, who hasn’t made records and toured full-time in about a decade, sees possibility in the new indie-rock landscape, both for young bands and veterans.” That full-time should apply to both made records and toured: In addition to his creative director gig at Hum Music, where he composes music for commercials, Kemp has done some production and mixing work, and his last band Assassins released the album You Will Changed Us in 2006.

And! The former Small Factory leader self-released a solo EP last month. It’s called “Rat D’Hotel, Part One,” and yes, it’s the first in a series. It’s smart, it’s a little loungey, it’s sweet, and you can hear the whole thing on his MySpace.

Also, if you’re feeling some workplace angst and feel like setting some office supplies on fire, Kemp’s website is a blast.