Morning Wednesday. The weather’s still dreary as hell, May officially changed its name to April and there’s oil everywhere. But before the world officially ends, let’s peruse what’s happening today. Aside from Stella getting her groove back for the umpteenth time on E!

Improv Everywhere, a New York-based troupe, paid homage to Ghostbusters at the New York Public Library. That shit would’ve made my day.

Yesterday, Jonathan Fischer reported Google stalks its users. It happens when you’re living life on the edge­–though being awaken by drunken natives with machetes in a Columbian rain forest makes for a better story. Law & Order’s move to Los Angeles has nothin’ on that. SVU’s the only one worth watching anyway, and NBC’s not yet lost all its marbles.

Generation of the twenty-somethings may be doing something wrong. Pursuing unpaid internships and graduate degrees–crazy. We should all be movin’ back in with our parents (sadly this is my reality) and tweeting everything the crazies say. Ah, the life of Justin Halpern: a book deal and a sitcom–who needs hair when you’re ballin’?

Everyone’s smokin’ up–the real news, the District was ranked 2nd, in best U.S. cities to meet single women. There are 40,000 more women than men–what the fuck, can’t a girl catch a break around here? According to the study–they’re highly educated, fit and well, there’s an abundance of opportunities for drunken encounters. But when it comes to dating in the modern area, we’re all fucked rants David Wygant. These days, if a guy calls a girl, they freak out–why is this guy so creeps? Why doesn’t he just text me? Who uses a phone for talking?

Girl, don’t be trippin’. Who needs dating when you got a date with T.I., Paul Walker and Jay Hernandez?