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Good morning! The Washington Post‘s Real Art D.C. contest has its first finalist! Joel D’Orazio takes my colleague Erin Petty‘s favorite kind of furniture—-that’d be mid-century modern—-and “violates” it, writes Jessica Dawson, which is to say he makes it look like props from a Tim Burton movie, but with tendrils. The contest kicked off in February with a call to artists, professional and un-, to upload their work to the Post‘s website. It has no cash prize—-although WaPo‘s high school photography contest gives its winner $100, Jeffry Cudlin points out in a recent blog post. But D’Orazio has no reason to complain: He’s got some nice real estate in today’s Style section.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture acquired last month the headgear Muhammad Ali wore in his 1964 defeat of Sonny Liston, Around the Mall reports. You’ll have to wait to see it until 2015, when the museum opens.

Allmusic’s Tim Sendra, formerly of the band Veronica Lake, really digs the English, twee-ish Veronica Falls. There is an easy joke to be made here, and I made it when I saw the latter band play on Wednesday night at the Velvet Lounge. The group makes absurdly cute music, and then yells it at you.

Short, scratchy samples of new Arcade Fire songs.

TBD.com’s new logo This TBD.com graphic seems to include my face. Three times. Why?