Tonight, and with apologies to Jimmy Scott, I’ll be joining the Washington Post‘s Jane Horwitz and Sarah Kaufman on the judging panel at the 2010 Bard-a-Thon. The event, part of Theatre Lab’s “Send a Kid to Theatre Camp” benefit, features local media types performing scenes from Shakespeare.

But not in doublets!

“Everyone will be performing in their pajamas,” writes Theatre Lab’s Co-Director Deb Gottesman. The tradition, she explains, is “a bizarre holdover from the days when this used to be an all-night event.”

I don’t have a totally clear picture of how this’ll play out, but I have heard that Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler (both of NBC4) are doing the Hamlet/Ophelia “get thee to a nunnery” schtick; that Sue Palka and Will Thomas (both of FOX 5) are performing a bit from Taming of the Shrew; that former Councilwoman Carol Schwartz and NBC’s Tom Sherwood are performing the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet; and that our own Trey Graham will appear opposite Barbara Klein (his colleague at NPR) to perform a scene TBA.

My job, as far as I know, is to eat dinner and chime in after each performance. So, if you’ve got $50+ to spare for a good cause, or you’re a disgruntled member of the theater community eager to see Trey get some of his own medicine, do swing by Theatre Lab tonight. I won’t offer predictions, except for one. Trey: I’m expecting silk.