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Morning, readers. Summer unofficially commences this weekend, and the weather’s corresponding. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the world of A&E.

Were you a soccer fan in the ’90s, before David Beckham metro-fied the sport and there was nary a difference between the players on the field and the hooligans in the stands, save for maybe a beer gut or 2,000? Yeah, me too. So I was excited to check out Looking for Eric, featuring the former Manchester United great Eric Cantona. Despite only playing with the team for five seasons, the fiery Frenchman was named Man U’s player of the century. Sadly, the film won’t be coming to D.C. as planned, but maybe you can check it out if you’re traveling anywhere for Memorial Day weekend.

Man, when did 50 Cent is start looking like Dave Chappell? He’s unreognizable. Also in popular music: I know a bunch of you were looking forward to catching Christina Aguilera during her July 18 concert, but sorry folks, tour’s cancelled. Guess we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves by listening to “Genie in a Bottle” on our mix tapes.

Um, first the Mafia, now this. Oh, Sicily, you can do better.

Top Chef Masters recap time! After the super-fun sauce-tasting quickfire, and a Swiss Alps-themed birthday cake for Jonathan Waxman, the chefs got to work on the Greek god challenge. Waxman saw himself in Poseidon, calling him a somewhat cranky older dude with demanding mermaid daughters. Susan Feniger, she of the awesome glasses and fun personality, coincidentally drew the only goddess in the group, Aphrodite. It should’ve been a gimme, but Susur Lee was befuddled by Dionysus. Rick Moonen showed off his evil cackle in honor of Hades. And Marcus Samuelsson got Ares. Moonen killed it with an “everything”-crusted swordfish and potato/beet puree, garnering 18 points, the third highest total of the season. Feniger ended up going home for her coconut jam sandwich and fried egg, meaning that all three women are gone after the first four rounds of the competition. Bummer.

Photo: bestfootballers.net.