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Good morning and happy long weekend! I will be moving, or at least packing up in preparation for a move. As for you, you could:

… start a record label!


get unplugged!

go off-grid!


hurl stones at pedestals!


make new Friends!

make like a badass!

… parlay minor television roles into art-world semi-success!

flashback to your ska years!

remember that Memorial Day has nothing to do with an extra day at the beach?

This is the part of the roundup where I’d like to embed a song—-that’s not going to happen, because Lala disabled the feature, and is shutting down after Monday, presumably to be stripped for parts by Google. In case you’re wondering, the song of the day would have been “Kiss at the Station” by Malcolm Middleton. It is super fucking romantic.

Did you read “Who’s Afraid of Elie Wiesel?,” the cover story that my colleague Ted Scheinman and I wrote this week? As far as I know, none of the players in the feature has tweeted our cell phone numbers. Phew.