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Good morning, kids. It’s Wednesday, and the day looks kind of gorgeous on the other side of my curtains.

What a wonderful day to skip work, run to the nearest pool with headphones, a book you actually want to read, and live away. You never know. You might run into Dave Grohl, Sir Paul McCartney or a Jonas Brother around town today. One second, poor journalist, another, someone bequeaths a million dollar inheritance on you. It could happen to you.

The District is officially where movies come to life. James Cameron, director of films such as Avatar and the Titanic, met with the Environmental Protection Agency, scientists, engineers and technical officials to discuss ways to plug the hole–yes, the hole that BP’s “top kill” wonder failed to plug. Cameron to the rescue! The Titanic sunk though.

So last week, I tried to Facebook friend my future husband–a random half-Vietnamese-half-Korean-German YouTube sensation. Tragically, he declined, albeit having almost 5,000 friends. Then I learned Facebook apparently caps friends off at 5,000! Makes me feel a tad better that it was a Facebook flaw that prevented this meeting. Anyway, according to British anthropologist Robin Dunbar our brains are only capable of handling 150 “stable interpersonal relationships” i.e. friends. I’m 500 over–it’d be an interesting purge. The last time I defriended people, I ended up receiving angry Facebook messages.

In other news, a Spice Girls reunion! But Posh may be too busy with her hot husband and maintaining her almost non-existent human form. The Queen wants a raise–7.9 million pounds is simply not enough, while the Duchess of York files for bankruptcy. She should borrow some dough from Kirsten Dunst, who’s packing serious cash. And of course, Jersey gets another reality TV show! I have nothing to say about that.

All right, this is where we part. Do something new today, anything away from the mundane.