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Good morning! I feel old and I feel bloated, which is the perfect lead-in to two things I am very excited about:

  1. The dance-focused U Street Music Hall is starting to book indie-rockish shows that start at 7 p.m. and end before the venue’s usual oomph-oomph-ing gets going at 10. Look at the July 22 show: I’ll be able to see locals Medications, Deleted Scenes, and Hume, arrive home in time to spend some time with that Swedish thriller that NPR and the New York Times keep telling me about, and then fall asleep to Man vs. Food.
  2. Today is National Donut Day! I’m going to attend a company meeting about changes to our benefits that make no sense to me on paper, and then I’m going to down Krispie Kremes till I lapse into a coma. DCist and Borderstan have the deets.

Speaking of old people, I saw Paul McCartney and some other folks play from his Beatles and solo songbook at the White House Wednesday. I wrote about it here. Then I wrote about writing about it here. Now I’m watching this NBA ad in which Andre 3000 covers the Beatles‘ “All Together Now” that I could probably do without. Later, I’m going to lead WCP interns in a bawdy version of “Honey Pie.”

Wandering Souls is a newish arts organization in D.C.—-and it’ll be staging Shakespeare’s Twelth Night this fall for free in various neighborhoods where the arts are hard to come by. The organizers are raising money to make it happen. Groovy.

Or, if the whole art-selling-real-estate-selling-art thing is more your speed, there’s this opening tomorrow and Saturday at a new condo in Shaw. The art ain’t free, but the door and the vodka is. With an RSVP, of course.

Now casting! In Utah! The short film Garden City, whose central character is one Jonathan Fischer, “a lifeguard who takes a … special …. interest in the lives of the people he saves.” Uh? “Note:Without giving too much of the story away, the plot involves murder and violence. Nothing explicit or graphic but definitely on par with a PG13 rating.” Time to start penning that cease-and-desist letter!

Image via scmikeburton.