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The label says Bodycop doesn’t have any photos; here’s a picture of Foreigner instead.

This is heavy, terrifying music, all sludgy White Zombie guitars and defiant no wave crassness. On “Don’t Move,” from the upcoming self-titled cassette by D.C.’s Bodycop, slow and dissonant guitars chug beneath sinister pitch-shifted vocals from some other dimension. The only discernible lyrics, “Don’t you dare move,” are repeated over and over to frightening effect. It’s the musical equivalent of a disturbed ogre dragging along a fresh kill, warning anyone who might stand in its ugly way. Near the end, the song’s tempo begins to slow severely, and the screaming vocals get stretched thinner as they return to whatever evil netherworld spawned them. It’s a refreshingly disgruntled sound from a band that eschews any semblance of an Internet presence. If you want to hear the track in person, you’ll have to find a punk rock handbill somewhere.

For now, download and listen to “Don’t Move” after the jump. The cassette is out on July 13 on Fan Death Records.


DOWNLOAD: Bodycop – “Don’t Move”