Digital Capital Week begins today and runs through June 20 at sites across the city, and its topics and themes are spot-on—-from connecting tech-savvy Washingtonians to projects on app development for mobile phones to sessions on the state of the media. The ten-day affair, inevitably, involves lots of sitting—-workshops, listening sessions, demonstrations, networking events—-but there’s also public art, parties, open studios, and music.

Some days of the festival are dedicated to single topics, like news-publishing platforms and social media. CityCampDC, tomorrow and Sunday, looks at issues specific to D.C. neighborhoods. The festival is an ambitious undertaking, and organizers Frank Gruber and Peter Corbett—-of Shiny Heart Ventures and iStrategy Labs, respectively—-pulled it all together in just a few months.

And the goal is admirable: to drive innovation, particularly among private entrepreneurs in a city where government is the biggest business, Gruber says. Much of the action has a cultural drive, like a lab session mapping graffiti throughout the city, as well as a 10-day “innovation lab” in an unused library on H Street NE.

There are over 100 events happening throughout the week if you want to attend mostly for the fun and art, and don’t need a new gig or project.  A few events require an RSVP. A few arts- and culture-related highlights:

  • Friday, June 11: Kick-off party, with dance performances by Urban Artisty, DJs, Live music, and video art.
  • Sunday, June 13: Light Up Adams Morgan, with free beer and wine while discussing ways to animate the neighborhood.
  • Thursday, June 17: Open studios on H Street NE.
  • Friday, June 18: A closing party at the 9:30 Club that includes artists Amber Dutton, the Very Small, McWorm, 16 Large, Vedet, Stout Cortez, Blankus Larry, Little Big Heart, and East Coast Caravan.
  • Saturday, June 19: Project Lab Showcases, Mini Film Fest including the premiere of Life in Perpetual Beta.
  • Sunday, June 20: Flash Picnic on the National Mall