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Morning, readers.

*John Prine gets a lot of love on a new star-packed tribute record called Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine. Conor Oberst, Deer Tick, My Morning Jacket, and the DBT are all, apparently, implicated. Sounds like a recipe for awesome. (Via Pitchfork, which also has the track listing.)

*The Independent zings the Tories (“will there be a new era of protest music?”) and also zings Brian May, who, after a dispute between nine-month-old twins and a malevolent fox, sided with the fox.

*THE DEPARTMENT OF THE ONLY TWITTERER THAT MATTERERS: Dude’s been on a tear recently. Like, mocking people who use lame genre signifiers, or noting certain ironies embedded in Pride Weekend, or maybe even using the unlikely contraction, “I’ma.” Sure, maybe he doesn’t write in our Curtain Calls section any more, but who said prolificacy had to come with semicolons? Resistance is futile. FOLLOW THIS MAN.

*…aaand if you don’t have a Google alert set up for the words “modest,” “mouse,” or “Mayor of Portland,” you probably missed the Mercury‘s item on Alexander Rokoff, an artist who painted a portrait of Isaac Brock and then submitted it to Sam Adams (really his name!), the august Mayor of Portland. Whether Mr. Adams is a fan of Modest Mouse, it is not for us to speculate. But in the unlikely event that the portrait grows ever more sallow & depraved-looking with each passing year…well, we’d have an explanation for Brock’s perma-semi-youthfulness. Non?

*Tonight in City Lights: “One Life: Echoes of Elvis” at the National Portrait Gallery. I wrote a brief preview of the exhibit and should apologize to any readers confused as to why my blurb concerns John Lennon as much as it does Elvis Presley.


Photograph of fox by Darrow Montgomery