Morning, all. Who’s Angelo Sosa, you ask? The answer’s in the last graph.

My colleague Jonathan L. Fischer is totally into DIY, but I don’t think that he and the Washington Post‘s “The Classical Beat” columnist Anne Midgette are on the same page when it comes to the term’s application. Little matter; I think they’d both agree there’s room for DIY to co-exist in the classical and indie realms.

Watch out, there’s another Johnston on the block. Mercede Johnston, sister of Levi, has her own blog, in which she discusses topics like teen pregnancy in Wasilla (on the upswing because of the attention paid to Bristol Palin, she says) and her desire for a book deal. She’s got at least one media outlet on her side: Gawker says she should have a six-figure book deal right now.

‘Top Chef D.C.’ spoiler alert! The show debuted last night, about a month after completion of filming. The cheftestants gathered at the Newseum for introductions and for the first quickfire challenge—a mise en place contest. Kenny Gilbert rocked the potato peeling, onion burnoise-ing, and breaking down of the chicken, but ultimately it was Angelo Sosa who took those ingredients and made the judges’ favorite dish. It was a high stakes quickfire, so in addition to immediately asserting himself as a force to be reckoned with, he also took home $20,000. Not bad for a day’s work. Then Sosa went and won the elimination challenge too, for his arctic char that evoked his childhood in rural Connecticut. John Somerville, not the most hygenic looking of dudes with terrible teeth and two-foot dreads,went home for a not maple-y enough maple mousse that included frozen puff pastry.

Sosa’s a cocky, condescending SOB, but I gotta hand it to him—the boy can cook. I’m not rooting for him by any means, but unless he self-implodes, he’s gonna go far in the competition.