There are the traditional ways of celebrating Father’s Day–going fishing with your dad, taking him to a game, sending him bottle of his favorite scotch–but why settle for the ordinary?

To battle the bland, the local storytelling collective SpeakeasyDC is hosting “Who’s Your Daddy: A Father’s Day Special,” an evening of live, true stories that center around the themes ofmasculinity and fatherhood. There are tales about potential vasectomies, settling turf wars with the leader of the Crips, and reconnecting with a dead father. Though this is SpeakeasyDC’s first Father’s Day show, they did host a Mother’s Day show in 2009 titled Mommy Dearest. “I’ve been thinking about doing this show for a year,” says SpeakeasyDC Artistic Executive Director Amy Saidman, “because I didn’t want the dads to feel like we were dissing them.”

The evening is hosted by SpeakeasyDC’s Education Director Stephanie Garibaldi and features a cast made up of members of the group’s recent Advanced Story Performance Workshop: Geraldine Buckley, David Hallisey, Julie Hantman, Sofia Javed, Kriya Kaping, Lynda Laughlin, Laurie Frederik Meer, and Anne Thomas.

Who’s Your Daddy takes place at 8 p.m. at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H St. NE. $10. (202) 399-7993.