Morning, readers.


*NPR lavishes much-deserved attention on Jeff Campbell, the man behind D.C.’s Hungry for Music, which supplies underprivileged kids with used instruments.

*The D.C. Commission on the Arts & Humanities today announced the audition schedule for the 2010-11 American Youth Chorus.

*In the Post, Jonathan Yardley goes to bat for John Waters, who (he notes) “will be pulling Social Security checks any day now, leaning back in his Barcalounger and reminiscing about the good old days when porn was really porn and dog poop was on the menu.” Yardley also calls the pencil-mustachioed auteur “a greater National Treasure than 90 percent of the people who are given ‘Kennedy Center Honors’ each December.” (Waters’ autobiography, title, is out now courtesy of FSG.) For further lively reading, check out Mike Riggsexcellent interview with the man himself from this past December. For EVEN MORE LIVELINESS, enjoy the video above. It’s one of Riggs’ favorites!

*ALSO IN THE POST: I haven’t yet heard the new record from Bettye LaVette, but it’s a beautiful concept: free-handed covers of the Who, the Beatles, and Zeppelin recast over gospel-funk.  (I’ve only seen LaVette once—at the “We Are One” Inauguration concert—and she was of course fabulous.) In any case, Geoffrey Himes has good things to say.

*This New York Times piece about the Great & Glorious Updike Archive is good reading. It also uses the phrase “lathe-turned.”