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Morning, folks!

D.C. musicians, take note: ReadySetDC is soliciting submissions for a 17-song playlist it will feature (with credits and everything) at the TEDxPennQuarter conference, a spinoff of the popular shotgun-style lecture series, on July 11. The deadline for submissions is a week from tomorrow. Bonus points if your song is a first-person narrative of a stroke from the perspective of a neuroscientist.

Speaking of submitting stuff to things, feel free to submit anything from Comedy Central, MTV, or VH1 to YouTube without fear of its being taken down. The video-sharing site this week beat back a $1 billion copyright lawsuit from the media conglomerate Viacom, which owns those networks and a ton of other shit. Beware of crocodile tears from Virtucon—er, Viacom; YouTube’s muckraking lawyers found that the Viacom had been secretly hiring marketing firms to use fake e-mail addresses and untraceable computers to upload its content to the site, then blaming pirates.

Apparently this Gen. Stanley McChrystal thing is the first anybody’s heard of Rolling Stone doing non-music reporting. Meanwhile, the magazine has seized on the opportunity to shamelessly sit on its horn.

Ted Scheinman’s cover piece this week on prodigal D.C. soul man Terry Huff is so worth your time.

Finally, The David Wax Museum, a Boston-based Mexo-American folk duo for whom D.C. is something of a second home, is locked in a tight battle to sneak on to the bill at the Newport Folk Festival via fan vote. You can vote here, if so moved. Here’s the competition.

Friday is the day God created sea monsters. Try to keep that in mind today.