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UPDATE | 4:28 p.m.: Show’s off because of the rain. Bummer. Original post below:

OK, so the full schedule didn’t go up until last week. And last night, the series’ organizers had to scramble to find a last-minute replacement for opening night after the Public Good canceled. Nevertheless, be excited: Fort Reno kicks off tonight! Performing on your favorite creaky, chalked-up stage: America Hearts (see their new video above), Tiny Hearts, and now XMC, filling in at the last minute.

My colleague Ted Scheinman promised I’d provide some “superior” analysis on this year’s slate, which was probably unwise, but anyway, here goes: Nice. There’s a good smattering of bands whose members used to play in other bands you grew up loving: Authorization (ex-Black Eyes); Poor But Sexy (ex-D-Plan); Soft Power (Mary Timony); Cephalopods (more ex-Black Eyes); the Evens, who after an appearance at the 9:30 Club’s recent 30th anniversary party seem to be back to active status; and J. Robbins’ new band Office of Future Plans, wrapping up the series on Aug. 12. Bands I’m also looking forward to: the Cheniers, Dennis Kane & the Hoarders, Birds & Wires, Tereu Tereu (disclosure: this is Arts Desk contributor Ryan Little‘s band). More importantly, Fort Reno is all about discovering new music, not to mention pre-/post-gaming at Guapos and butting in line once the ice cream truck pulls up.

The fun starts at 7 p.m. and ends by 9:30. Fort Reno is located by Wilson High School in Tenley Town. You know the rules.