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Morning, readers.

*The Daily Caller roasts Sen. Robert Byrd on the occasion of his death. Apart from the nominally provocative use of epithets like “woodhicks” to describe the late senator’s constituents, Tucker Carlson‘s online publication also unearths what must stand as the angriest-looking photograph of latter-day Byrd (in keeping with the article’s Klan-centricity). Saucy stuff—though I think the invective-as-obituary format reached its apex with Gore Vidal on Buckley. (Also: I intend to ask Mike Riggs, a co-author on the article, whether he meant  “monkey business” as a pun. And yes, the piece is more media-crit than obit.) If you don’t feel like reading the full takedown, the following video—again, punningly—captures the general sentiment of the Caller item:


*The Independent asks, “Is the good-faith summer blockbuster dead?“; answers, “Yes.”

*The 14th annual All Good Festival in Masontown, WV is hosting a live countdown to the opening ceremonies. At the time of writing, we’re looking at: nine days, three hours, five minutes aaaaaaand….15 seconds.

*The Post‘s Monica Hesse visits Orlando, there to inspect a new Harry Potter-themed park. She writes about it at Rowling-like length.

*Tonight in City Lights: Yo-Yo Ma at the Kennedy Center. Mike Paarlberg predicts there will be no shortage of swaying.