TeenBeat Records had its big reunion do at the Black Cat on Saturday. (Before the show, BYT interviewed the label’s founder, Mark Robinson, Deborah Solomon-style.) Aaron Leitko was at the gig, as was J.L. Fischer, and pretty much every other D.C. music geek. The verdict? Leitko’s review for WaPo was tepid. Fischer said it was dece, but Unrest should have played “Skinhead Girl.” Dan Kois called the scene “pleasantly bananas.” Consensus: Nostalgia counts for something.

Speaking of music geeks, they have 14 new reasons to love Pitchfork. By 14 new reasons, I mean a collective of 14 new music blogs feeding content to a new sister site dedicated to obscure DIY stuff.

She and Him played the 9:30 Club on Friday after releasing a new music video earlier that day. I didn’t go the show; Zooey Deschanel and I are in a fight on account of she married Ben Gibbard instead of eloping with me to Paris, where we would listen to old records, run fast and loose with iconclastic ex-pats, and live in a kooky yet tasteful apartment at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Speaking of the 9:30, the Tallest Man on Earth just added a date there for the fall. TMOE has moved up the rungs of the venue ladder each time he’s been through town, and for good reason. Mark Oct. 3 on your calendars.

Do you like Bonnie Prince Billy? If so, you might consider donating to the recovery of Phosphorescent’s stolen gear, ’cause Matthew Houck has got plenty of BPB-grade material trapped in him.

A final bit of TeenBeat nostalgia—Unrest, ca. 1993—to play me out: