Dave Eggers’ nationwide writing charity, 826, is setting up a new outpost in Columbia Heights at 3233 14th Street, as you may have read on WeLoveDC yesterday. Demolition of the current space (which is, somewhat fittingly, a Score! Educational Center) started on Tuesday, and the group hopes to open their doors in September.

This definitely won’t be your average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill writing center, though. Like all of the 826s, this one will have a themed storefront: in its case, the Museum of Unnatural History. According to 826DC’s deputy director, Joe Callahan, the store will have some unique gift options. “Of course we’ll be selling the normal stuff like totes and T-shirts,” he says. “But we’ll also have Confused Wood and Existentially Distraught Wood (from the makers of Petrified Wood), a selection of tools for budding unnaturalists, and evolutionary supplements for those who want to develop bipedalism or opposable thumbs.”

This fall the group is planning on producing a number of short chapbooks through its after-school programs, workshops, and in-school work, as well as developing larger projects. “Our major student book project will be focused on immigration,” Callahan says. Those interested in volunteering should get in touch with the group, though Arts Desk can’t guarantee that you will be working alongside Nessie, the Abominable Snowman, or Bigfoot.