D.C.’s Mother uses phrases like “laser-beam eyes” and frequently swaps out the letter C for the letter K, but its music is as much psychedelia—-not just one song has an instrumental freak-out that recalls the classic psych-rockers the United States of America—-as moody indie erudition in the National vein. On the EP the group released today, Oktopus Klap, songs usually fall into one camp or the other, but the best track, “Base Kamp,” blends both. It slow-building vamp amasses tension before fading out and switching gears: The second half of the song is in line with the EP’s greyish, somber mood, yet centers on a organ-led, carnivalesque stomp worthy of Syd Barrett. Download Oktopus Klap for free at the band’s bandcamp page.

Arlington’s the Cheniers recently released its Trouble! 7-inch, but unless you, well, bought it, you probably haven’t heard “45 Days.” Today, the Vinyl District has an mp3 of the song on the occasion of this weekend’s Velvet Lounge shows celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Windian Records, the new vinyl label of the Points’ Travis Jackson.

True Genius Requires Insanity points to a sun-soaked new R&B track from producer Judah, which you’ll have to buy. But the YouTube preview promises good things: