Good morning, D.C.! Did you catch Chromeo at the 9:30 Club last night? If not, it doesn’t really matter—you’re still my tenderoni. But, maybe a more pressing concern is whether or not you have power yet—is Pepco’s outage map actually loading or not today?

If you get home and you’re still out of luck, here’s totally sustainable alternative via DCist: Watch those stars (and, uh, visit the Air & Space Museum)! The folks over there are also kind enough to fill us in on the complicated state of 4G in the District. Yes, of course, Comcast is the sole provider.

Borderstan contributer Cecile Oreste has started up DanceDC, where she’s blogging about all sorts of dance-centric events in the area. Prince of Petworth has images of that road tattoo thing that showed up over the weekend—it appears to be a Celtic knot, not tribal.

Watch Tabi Bonney’s video for “Nuthin But A Hero”, where he cycles through our fair city, at ReadySetDC. If Bonney’s not saucy enough for you, may we recommend Anacostia: The Webseries? The second season is dropping soon, but Congress Heights on the Rise is reposting the first episodes to get you up to speed. Critical development in the storyline: “So, you have some cokehead former model and her inept failure of a husband living a few doors down from you, and you’re not the least bit curious?”

Here on Arts Desk, Friday’s Cap’n Jazz show gets the Ryan Little and Matt Siblo treatment. If you, like this reporter, were so overwhelmed by the Black Cat’s lack of air conditioning and the bands’ reliance on punk rock time that you headed home early, you should probably read it. We’ve also got a roundup of some new local music, and a look at the quirky Taffety Punk Theatre Company.

Oh, and in case you wanted some Pitchfork in your Pitchfork, here’s the most stereotypically Pitchfork post ever: Polaroids of Modest Mouse, LCD Soundsystem, Neon Indian, and so on at the annual…wait for it…Pitchfork Festival. Maybe Arts Desk should pull that ish at Fort Reno shows. Just kidding!