4.75"x18.812" 4 Panel CD Roll Fold Template
4.75"x18.812" 4 Panel CD Roll Fold Template

So. Earlier this week I collected some news about forthcoming releases from the Dance Party—-the synthy D.C. party-rock  band whose name says it all—-and the Factory, a late-’80s/early-’90s D.C. whose singer, Vance Bockis, was a veteran of the city’s rock scene. I snarked about both (but also self-deprecated!). This upset people.

Rick Ballard of Acetate Records, the label releasing the self-titled Factory collection, wasn’t happy, either. He wrote in an e-mail:

This isn’t Dischord DC.  There was an alternative scene going on that fit into the Ramones, Iggy, Thunders camp… I agree, DC wasn’t known for that, but neither is Cleveland and they spawned the Dead Boys.  The factory draw influence from DC native Link Wray, as well as the Dolls, Stones, etc.

He included another mp3, which shows, I think, a different side of the Factory than the hard-partying song I linked to yesterday. “Misfortunate Son” is the kind of loose, beer-soaked rock ‘n’ roll you’d expect from an Austin troubadour. Ballard’s reference to Johnny Thunders also feels apt. The song has a nice shout-out to Chocolate City, too. John Fogerty, writer of “Fortunate Son,” could not be reached for comment.

The Factory is out on Sept. 7.

DOWNLOAD: The Factory – “Misfortunate Son”