DJ Stereo Faith, a staple of D.C.’s DJ scene, has spun at and attended plenty of benefit concerts over the last decade. But tonight, he’ll be the guest of honor.

“Keepin’ the Faith,” which starts tonight at 9 p.m. at the U Street Music Hall, was organized shortly after a doctor told Stereo Faith that he had a tumor in his ear canal. He is scheduled to undergo brain surgery on Friday, Aug. 13.

“[Neurologists] said that they’re pretty sure it’s benign and not malignant. only a biopsy, after they take it out, will determine 100% if it’s benign,” Stereo Faith told Mishka Bloglin.

While there’s no cover charge for the concert, organizers suggest donating $5, which will go towards Stereo Faith’s medical bills. (A percentage of bar and food purchases will also go toward the expenses.)

It’s not just for a good cause, though; they’ll be some damn fun music tonight too. The concert features Tittsworth spinning drum and bass, Will Eastman spinning indie, rock, and post-punk, Scottie B spinning disco and house classics, Dava Nada, Jerome Baker III, and rapper Tabi Bonney.