Back in March, my colleague Ted Scheinman reviewed Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland, for which the director infused for perhaps the fifth or sixth time in his career a well-known popular work with his consummate creepiness. That week, I remarked to Ted: Clearly, this has all been in preparation for Burton’s inevitable remake of The Wizard of Oz, at which point he (hopefully!) will have finished revising various beloved touchstones of my childhood. (Full disclosure: I’m generally a fan of Burton. I even liked Big Fish.)

We decided to give Burton a hand, and concocted what we felt was quite clearly a fake IMDB listing for the movie. Some of the commenters on the post were a little confused on that point.

Then something funny happened: This throwaway post started getting a pretty noticeable amount of traffic. Turns out: When you Google “Tim Burton Wizard of Oz,” it’s the top result.

Blame rumors of a Burton Oz that circulate on cinema sites from time to time, as well as the very real news that studios saw in Burton’s Alice success the opportunity to make some dough rehabbing childhood classics.

Anyway, one of Arts Desk’s astute commenters pointed out that there’s now an actual IMDB page for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, set for 2011 release and directed by John Boorman. Does that preclude a Burton Oz? No idea, but it seems unlikely now.

In the meantime, I’m going to head home now and work on my fake IMDB page for Michael Bay‘s 3-D Gone with the Wind.