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Good morning! Arena Stage has named President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle  Obama honorary chairs of its inaugural season at the $125 million Mead Center for American Theater on the Southwest waterfront, which it moved into Monday. The New York Times‘ writes that it’s unclear whether the honor means the Obamas will attend Arena’s black-tie dinner on Oct. 25.

Local artist Kelly Towles recently created a mural at 12th and W streets NW, which is captured in this video, also featuring a very adorable child and my third favorite Beirut song. Via the President Wears Prada:

Photographer Jake McGuire might be the Thomas Kinkade of patriotic office art—-he peddles his unadorned (read: artless) shots of the U.S. Capitol, D.C.’s monuments, and other federal fixtures to Congressmen and various other notables, reports Style’s Monica Hesse:

“I have about 10 that I sell over and over again,” McGuire says. He talks very fast, very smiley. “Mostly it’s the Capitol — anything that alludes to the business of the Capitol. I don’t do a lot of photos of the White House.” The White House is too partisan.

When he does sell shots of the White House, the buyers want to be very clear on the circumstances of the shot. “They want to know if it was taken during a Republican or Democrat administration. I try to size them up before answering.” There was this one lady who looked like she’d stepped out of a Brooks Brothers catalogue — very country-club chic. He assured her that the White House photo in question was taken during a Republican’s tenure, only to have her indignantly tell him that she voted for the other guy. No sale.

Also: The Post‘s Weekend section reminds you that 14th Street NW exists, while the Washington Examiner fails to remind you that the “ultrahot” Kings of Leon recently found themselves shat upon. Writes Nancy Dunham: “Of course opening for such powerhouse rockers at U2, Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam has also added to the band’s popularity. Not that the Kings of Leon only gear the music arena-size crowds (sic) — the band has ensured that their music has an intimacy, thanks to lyrics that read almost like vignettes, that translates beyond heavy-duty rock shows. The band members have said they try to construct songs that will last beyond the initial buzz around the band, giving their group longevity.” Oh.