Summer’s almost over, as you might have noticed. It’s unclear that Woodbridge MC PHZ-Sicks did, though, at least judging by his “SumHer Everlasting,” a light-hearted ode to the season and first single from his forthcoming The Laws of PHZ-Sicks album, due in September.

The five-minute song, produced by D.C. duo Best Kept Secret, takes the midtempo sway of Ginuwine‘s “Pony” to tackle the all-too-familiar summer-love theme. But, instead of crooning comparisons between sex and rodeos, PHZ-Sicks rhymes poetic about cookouts, amusement parks, and newfound romance.

Of course, “SumHer Everlasting” doesn’t break new musical ground. Good thing that feel-good summer songs don’t have to.

DOWNLOAD: PHZ-Sicks’ “SumHer Everlasting”