Yes, that is a giant “For Lease” sign in Crooked Beat’s window. But the Adams Morgan record store isn’t going out of business, owner Bill Daly assured me this afternoon. Daly’s landlord raised his rent, but he’s got a new location lined up—-“down the street” from the current 18th Street location, he says, and of a similar size. He wouldn’t say much more about the move.

“We don’t need the impulse traffic,” says Daly, who moved his store to D.C. six years ago from North Carolina. The store’s customers won’t change their habits based on the move, Daly says, and he does about 30 percent of his business online. Last year was Crooked Beat’s best ever, he says, and this year has been “pretty good.” He just can’t afford the higher rent.

He says he’ll announce the new location next week.