Morning, folks!

The David Wax Museum continued its colonization of D.C. last night, playing two more house shows, including one at my house. They were excellent, as usual—as was Louis Weeks, of Baltimore, who opened. Roommate and WCP arts guru J.L. Fischer, who isn’t as big of a folk junkie as I am, hung back, sipping Natty Boh’s and probably puzzling over why the players elected to forego amplifiers and therefore any possibility of ambient feedback or other quirky wrinkles. But I think he enjoyed himself anyway, which is a testament to the bands’ charisma. David Wax Museum plays house concerts here all the time; they’re worth checking out next time they swing through.

Speaking of DIY jams, WaPo reports that Archie Edwards’ Blues Barbershop is still ging strong on Saturdays, even if they are happening in a library. Actually this dovetails nicely with the Tweedyesque policy of not talking unless you’re laying down a 12-bar line and using a harp as an translator.

From the Dept. of Strange Influences, Kanye West reports drawing from Thom Yorke, Trent Reznor, and Michaelangelo. “I always had the dream of recreating the Sistine Chapel, in a way,” he told fans in a chat-room sesh—providing more gold for the wonderful meme #kanyetweetsthenewyorker. Also, Paul McCartney, it turns out, is a Glee fanboy; perhaps the aging Beatle’s next project will be to sponsor a show-choir cover album of his songs: Credibility Almost Gone.

Phosphorescent plays the Black Cat tonight. Fischer elaborates. The opener is Fleet Foxes’ drummer J. Tillman, who has taken a solo turn while his other band takes its sweet time putting out a sophomore LP. Tillman is from Rockville, btw.

Happy Monday! May you approach your week with as much awe and creativity as is on display here:

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