Good morning, D.C. Were you too busy watching the furious storm of launch from the long-awaited TBD to pay attention to local arts news yesterday? I was a little distracted myself, but don’t worry—-I’ve still got you covered.

Speaking of TBD, they’ve got their own arts roundup thing going on over in Rosslyn. It’s written by former City Paper Managing Editor Andrew Beaujon and contains some sort of riff on what appear to be TBD style recommendations. (“Gotta bounce! Keep in touch! Use lots of exclamation points and remember to put spaces around your em dashes! The latter comprises instructions for me but feel free to adopt them! TBD ARTS ROUNDUP BYE! BYE!”) Odd.

Flo Anito—-I don’t really know who she is, but apparently she might open for Hanson—-is shooting a video at Capital City Diner. We Love DC covers last week’s Boris/Russian Circles show at 9:30. TBD (them again!) goes long on the process of archiving D.C.’s punk history. And, Transformers 3 is filming locally—-if 15 microseconds of fame sounds like your thing, you can apply to be an extra.

Fenty propaganda is spreading across genres. After tackling the city’s native go-go, Ron Moten et al have taken on Top 40 radio hip-hop. The choice parody? Drake’s latest single, “Fancy.” The Fenty-fied track goes a little something like this: “You Fenty, huh? Schools, recs, libraries, everything did…Summer jobs, health care, everything did.” Warning: The track’s actually got sticking power. It’s been in my head since yesterday.

Here on Arts Desk, Ryan Little discusses the Arcade Fire‘s sweeping performance at Merriweather last Friday, Joel Mason-Gaines unearths a D.C. rapper that isn’t Wale, and Jon Fischer hangs out with Arena Stage’s “human costume catalog.” And, Arts Desk contributor Sadie Dingfelder was awarded with an honorable mention from the National Science Journalism Prize for her story “Music for Monkeys.”

Tonight, you can check out The Soloist at Harrison Recreation Center; if you’re lucky, the heat might back off a bit when the sun goes down. For other free events in D.C. this week, check out Arts Desk’s latest feature, Freestylin’ DC. In the meantime, I hope your Tuesday isn’t nearly as ridiculous—-or maybe just as ridiculous—-as Weezer’s new album cover: