I know what you’re thinking: This is just some novelty act where overzealous parents convince their kids to pretend to be punk rockers. You’re wrong.

Last night at Fort Reno, I saw more people dancing at a local punk rock show than I’ve seen in ages. Why? Because the 10- and 12-year-old kids in The Black Sparks are hungry, and they put on a killer punk-rock show. The band is dynamic, clever, and full of all the piss and vinegar this town made its name on.

There’s no punk-rock pops behind the scenes calling the shots—-10-year-old Andrew Salfi sings about watermelon and things catching on fire because he wants to. Every song is original, and it’s all written by the band. Their rock-solid Fort Reno performance—-complete with quirky on-stage banter, instrument change-ups, and genuine charisma—-won over the crowd as well as any legitimate new punk band I’ve seen. The kids are alright? No, the kids kick ass.