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Morning, all. Wow, it is raining hard out there. I’m surprised my power hasn’t gone out. But, I’ll keep on truckin’ with this as long as my lights stay on.

Maybe Arcade Fire’s tour really is helping spur record sales. The band’s newly released album, The Suburbs, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, with 156,000 copies sold. Here’s hoping that this national return of good taste isn’t temporary.

Oh honey no. There’s a Michaele Salahi doll in the works. The Hume, Va. D.C. Real Housewife is creating a mini version of herself in her signature gatecrasher red sari in the hopes that she’ll “become the next Malibu Stacy.” A girl can dream, can’t she?

Double spoiler alert! I’ll admit it, after Top Chef, I’ve been watching Work of Art. In last night’s finale, 22-year-old Philly native Abdi Farah was crowned “next great artist” and thus won $100,000 and an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. With his infectious smile, lack of affectation, and unflagging positivity, I’ve been rooting for the guy all season. But I’ve gotta say, after seeing last night’s final installations, I was hoping Kansas Citian Peregrine Honig would take home the title. I thought her circus sideshow-themed exhibit was incredible, especially her creepily beautiful portrait of twin unborn fawns.

Meanwhile, in Top Chef, fan-favorite Kenny Gilbert was cut after serving as his team’s executive chef in the most highly anticipated episode of each season, Restaurant Wars. It’s not exactly a surprise after Tim Carman shared this news, but I’m still bummed to see him go. My boyfriend said that if Kenny were kicked off, he’d stop watching this season. Not me—so long as Angelo Sosa doesn’t win it all, I’m pretty okay with someone other than Kenny winning. (P.S. Compared to previous seasons, didn’t last night’s Restaurant Wars seem absurdly easy? The cheftestants were set up in Bethesda’s Redwood Restaurant and Bar, whereas in previous seasons they’ve had to furnish their own raw spaces, right down to the forks and knives.)

Image: thegrammargang.blogspot.com