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Look at that: D.C. has at least one reggaeton star. His name is Fuego (Miguel Duran), and he released an album, La Musica del Futuro, earlier this month. The video above is from the album’s first single, “Que Buena Tu Ta,” which came out in late 2009 and appears on the album. Even if you are not a regular consumer of Latin hits, there are a few things to note about the video: 1. His label, Chosen Few Emerald Entertainment (run by a dude who calls himself Boy Wonder), obviously spent some money on it. 2. José Reyes of the New York Mets has a cameo. 3. The guest singer, Deevani, is actually A. Ines Rooney, the chief executive of the reggaeton label Mas Flow. 4. The song is an unapologetic multi-culti party jam.

The sum total: Fuego has important friends, and he wants you to like him. His latest video, “Lo Bombero,” continues the trend.

The lingering question: What’s that pink booze? It’s in both videos.