Morning, folks!

The 19 percent of critics who contrived some lousy reason not to like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World are so very wrong. As in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, director Edgar Wright demonstrates once again that pace can be a potent form comedic timing. Highly recommend.

Also opening over the weekend, and making more money, was Eat Pray Love, the big-screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s slick travel memoir that has been in the lap of every 19- to 25-year-old woman I have sat near on airplanes for the last three months. Dana Stevens says the movie, like the book, avails itself of a marketable aesthetic and suppresses all that would poison it with unromance. Stevens and other cynics might take heart in the fact that Warner Brothers is adapting Andrew Gottlieb’s parodic Drink Play F@#k. Steve Carrell will reportedly star.

On the local scene, Vince Gray is apparently fitting to dance-fight Adrian Fenty.

Yves Klein is long dead, but he left behind a bunch of uniquely pigmented sponges for you to look at. They’re at the Hirschhorn for another few weeks.

Tonight at AFI Silver, Charlie Chaplin gets the girl. Hope!

They say storms this afternoon. Plan your day to maximize their symbolic effect.