Good morning, D.C.! Yesterday’s sweltering temperatures didn’t really bring the promised thunder. Maybe we’ll see a break in the heat today.

In the meantime, ReadysetDC announced its new “Tourist T-Shirt” winner and set the old model on fire—all in one post! I’m not sure if the “I <3 DC” swag was all that deserving of a Viking death, but the carnage looked sorta cool and, you know, might’ve stood in as a metaphor for our recent weather.

The 42 posted helpful reminders of some events later on this week in Adams Morgan. Check out Asylum and La Casa for Killing Them With Kindness and Mostly Dimes on Wednesday and Friday, respectively. We Love DC has some photos from Public Enemy‘s show last week at 9:30, and the the images? Obviously, the epitome of ______ _____ (fill in the blanks!). TBD deconstructs Wale‘s oft-mysterious tweets. Apparently, “I hate packing luggage” could possibly translate into “Luggage equals baggage, and Wale is commenting on his dislike of acquiring new headaches, and would rather be “unpacking” his woes in the studio, through his lyrics.”

Speaking of TBD, here on Arts Desk, we corrected their math (and then a commenter corrected ours): Even with Blockbuster’s closing, there are still nine total video stores in the District. We’ve also got three songs for rebounding and details on the area’s first feature-length Bollywood film.