Morning, everyone. Rain, rain, rain. The District’s under flood warning this morning—-hope your commute isn’t too dreadful. Looks like the kind of day to stay in bed.

Speaking of the weather, the Phillips Collection is throwing an End of the Summer White Party where they’ll pay tribute to Snowpocalypse, and they’re taking any memories you’d like to contribute—-sounds kind of Giver-ish. In case you missed it, Tabi Bonney and Kokayi are channeling NPR, Crooked Beats is moving its digs, and Paul McCartneyreally is dead, apparently.

In other news J.D. Salinger‘s toilet’s on sale–sigh. Sounds like it’s time for a beer. The sixth annual Capital Irish Film Festival, the largest in the nation–Boston’s is lagging, it seems–is set for December, reports TBD. HBO is launching, “Boardwalk Empire,” a prohibition drama, in September. The show, set in Atlantic City, is based on actual events from the 1920s.  Apropos of nothing, it sounds more promising than the lackluster film that was Eat, Pray, Love.

Mary Roach, intriguing author of Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers has published another novel, Packing for Mars, dropping pondering facts on life in space, writes WaPo:

During a week in space, with no gravity tugging at their spines, astronauts grow two inches taller.

Researchers requiring a vomit-like substance for scientific studies use Progresso vegetable soup.

A V-2 rocket launched in New Mexico in 1947 zoomed wildly off course and crashed three miles from downtown Juarez, Mexico.

In 1965, astronaut John Young smuggled a corned-beef sandwich aboard the Gemini III capsule and into space.

For today, have a gander at Syracuse-based indie band Ra Ra Riot‘s sophomore LP. It drops Aug. 24, and NPR‘s currently streaming the whole album. Don’t get too wet, and don’t fret, it’s only water.