As promisedJon Meyers has found a new host and a new URL for his popular mp3 blog The Vinyl District—-a move spurred by Google’s Blogger service and its policy on the posting of mp3s in violation of the federal Digital Millenium Copyright Act. The new Vinyl District, at, should be launching soon, Meyers writes in an e-mail. “And with the move, we’ll be announcing something pretty huge, actually. Stay tuned…” Word.

Meyers has been luckier than some bloggers, whose posts Blogger took down without warning in February. But Blogger did unpublish several of Meyers’ posts about which it received complaints, recategorizing them as drafts. Problem was: Those posts contained totally legal mp3s, authorized by the labels that presumably registered the complaints. And so Meyers took to occasionally posting “mystery mp3s,” unlabeled and hosted offsite, with the hopes of eventually moving the site in toto.

“Oddly there was a flurry of takedown notices there…then nothing,” he writes. “But enough’s enough…we’re moving for good.”

Of course, the new site won’t protect Meyers from overzealous labels unaware that their PR arms have authorized the use of particular mp3s. But he won’t have to deal with Google’s appeal process, for which, Meyers told me in May, “you literally have to prepare a legal brief in writing, mail it, and wait.”

In semirelated news: The Vinyl District has a pair of mp3s from lovely D.C. noise-poppers Black Telephone today. Endorsed!