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Screen on the Green, the heaviest heavy of D.C. summer outdoor film series, The Save Screen on the Green campaign needs your advice! Well, specifically, it wants to know about your social-media and Internet habits, and your thoughts on improving the series. On the survey its organizers recently posted, it also wants to know whether you’d be willing to donate money or time should Screen on the Green find itself in dire financial straits next year, as has happened before.

Well, I have some advice for Screen on the Green, but it involves an entirely different kind of existential threat.

Disaster movies.

In other words: Is there any better way to enjoy the backdrop of the National Mall and the august government buildings surrounding it than simultaneously seeing them blown to pieces on the silver screen? The answer is no, there is not.

Below, my program of D.C. disaster movies that Screen on the Green ought to show next summer. Since money’s tight, I’m happy to waive my curator’s fee.

To start, a Roland Emmerich double-header, with Independence Day

…and 2012.

Amazing old-school option: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.

Is there any better conduit for Congress-directed schadenfreude than Mars Attacks?

Deep Impact errs by not showing the effing-up of D.C. by a tidal wave, but around the 7-minute mark in this clip you see the end result:

W., possibly the ultimate D.C. disaster movie.

Baltimore bonus! The Sum of All Fears.