The latest Hume release contains five songs, stretches to 40 minutes, and is a gorgeous document of melty, psyched-out indie prog. It’s also one of my favorite things to come out of D.C. all year. And now it can be yours! Sockets Records just put copies up for sale online, and also posted some shots of its gorgeous, kinda embossed cover designed by Hume drummer Wilson Kemp, who had a pretty cool art show earlier this summer. It’ll be in stores in the coming weeks, around which time we’ll have a review of it.

Sockets’ Sean Peoples also dropped off the label’s summer ‘zine, which documents some of the season’s indie-rock happenings, like Layne Garrett‘s tunnel experiment, Buildings‘ guitar orchestra, shows at the Cherch and Everlasting Life, and more. How do you get one of these? No idea. Ask Sean, I guess. There are 100, and different versions of the cover, so act quickly.

Lastly: Sockets has a showcase next weekend in Baltimore with SPRCSSTrue Womanhood (disclosure: they’re my buds), America Hearts, and Foul Swoops.

Penumbra photo courtesy Sockets. ‘Zine photo by Darrow Montgomery.