Welcome to the inaugural edition of Far Out vs. Hot Dang, a weekly assemblage of whatever we hear rattling around in D.C.’s cultural chasm. On one side are the deep thoughts, the innovations, the reflections, the revelations, the oddballs and the acid trips. On the other side are the conflicts, the punchlines, the unqualified successes, the flameouts, the big blasts and the oh-wows.  Or something like that.

A Bollywood mashup of “of The Matrix, Halloween, and World Trade Center People wanna be in Transformers 3 so bad, they’re nearly peein’ their pants
“Listen to Justin Bieber slowed down to an unrecognizable, blissed-out, new age slush” People wanna see Jon Stewart so bad, they’re nearly peein’ their pants
Return of the Snowpacalypse T-SHIRT ON FIRE!
“I love the science of life; I feel as if that takes me closest to what I loved when I was trying to write poetry: There you are in the universe, you’re admiring life in the universe.” The Girls Rock Showcase
Spanx for men The Fillmore is over budget
DJ Tittsworth: “walkin home at 7am gorging a pint of ben&jerry’s. i lock eyes w/ a john & prostitute. at that moment i realize how much we had in common” Black Cobain: “Dis white guy just farted on the train and kept a straight face nah son lol”
Ryan Kearney = omniscient Lenny Campello takes matters into his own hands
Mike Riggs: “I just read my pocket constitution (for second time today). ‘Right to not be offended’ is not in there. Can sum1 help me find that passage?” Ted Nugent keeps peeing on Dave McKenna’s rock and roll past