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Fall is drawing near, threatening to swiftly dethrone the golden bliss of summer. Soon, the sunlight will wane, and our sleeves will get longer. You can resign yourself to the inevitable changing of the seasons, or you can take up arms and fight back! Sure, maybe you can’t change the physical date at which autumn arrives, but you can soak up every last UV ray while sipping a cool beverage, sitting on your back porch (or front stoop, depending), and blasting summer jams until the leaves start falling.

Michael Jackson sums up the true believer’s attitude with his 1979 classic, “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough.” MJ never goes out of style, and in the wake of his passing least year, the near-universal appeal of his music has only become more evident. Bump this discofied pop groove and see if you don’t feel like you’re floating on an August breeze.

Whether you just really love Office Space, or Snoop has always been your dog(g), it’s no crime to show a little West Coast love now and then. Snoop doesn’t leave you guessing, in “Gin & Juice” he straight-up tells you how laid back he is, and Dre‘s slick production backs it up with one of the sliest basslines around. Feel free to enjoy a cocktail of your own choosing and just chill.

If you’re really going to enjoy the last bits of summer in D.C., you’ve got to bust out some go-go. There are plenty of great locals to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with Chuck Brown. I suggest turning up “Block Party” on your stereo, and you know, if you’re feeling sociable, it’s not too late to throw one. When you grill out this Saturday, just be sure to head down to 9:30 Club afterward to celebrate Chuck Brown’s birthday and hear go-go the way it ought to be heard: live.