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Over the weekend, I was visiting my in-laws in Staten Island. While we were flipping through TV channels at one point, a familiar beat thumped out into the living room. “I feel like bustin’ loose…” the TV sang.

Yes—Chuck Brown‘s Chips Ahoy commercial had gone national.

The spot’s been on the air for a while, but this was the first time I’d seen it outside the D.C. area. At first, it surprised me, but then I realized that as an ad, it probably works better in places where having the Godfather of Go-Go sell cookies doesn’t immediately cause some cognitive dissonance for viewers familiar with his hits.

Watch here:

This could open up a whole new royalty stream for Brown, whose D.C. Lottery ads a few years ago probably did help sell more tickets. Nike could sell shoes to the tune of “Run Joe.” Capital One can hawk its newest credit cards, backed by “We Need Some Money.” Why stop at cookies?