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Good morning, D.C.! City schools started up yesterday: How’s it feel to say goodbye to summer and get back on that education grind? Godspeed to all Teach for America instructors, really.

The Howard Theatre turned 100 to much fanfare this weekend. Yesterday, the Comcast commercial starring everyone’s favorite independent cafe without a liquor license dropped. Aaron Morrissey finds it mind-blowing. I am totally in the camp that believes Stu Davenport needed to make some money somehow, if not through the sale of local wine in 100 percent post-consumer recycled bottles.

We Love DC did us the benefit of livetweeting the most recent episode of Top Chef DC. Dare I say that they’re much funnier than the show itself? Not surprising, given our acceptance that this is where reality TV comes to die.

Also on WLD is a breakdown between the Big Evil Business Improvement Districts and everyone’s favorite novelty lunch item: FOOD TRUCKS. Perhaps that’s fodder better suited for our own Young & Hungry, but if the BIDs get their way, the angry tweets about the lobster truck’s line might fall by the wayside. And I count those as quality entertainment.

You know what else I count as quality entertainment? The sheer idiocy of the Tea Partiers. As they prepare to descend on us this weekend, they’ve provided a handy guide to our city that effectively blew up Twitter with its ignorance. DCist and Mike Madden here on City Desk address some crucial points. Between Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton, the Mall on Saturday will be true live theatre/reality TV/real-time absurdity, if you’re looking for it.

Over here, we reaffirm that Rumsfeld‘s chillin’ made Kalorama a creepy place to live (and state on the record that his security detail was into Adam Sandler movies). And, after Ted Leo totally fucked with us, we approach local theater from various angles.

I leave you with this stunning announcement: The temperature in the District isn’t supposed to crack 90 this week. This is obviously a sign that you should kick it on your back porch and blast some MJ. Have a good Tuesday, everybody.