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If you love Toto, the Darkness, and Sugarcult, then prepare for your panties to get in a twist. Members of all three bands worked on the Dance Party’s over-the-top and synth-happy debut, Touch, which comes out on the Hell Ya! Records on Sept. 28. You can hear a remix of the track “Runaway” on the band’s MySpace page now.

Despite the fact that the trio abandoned our fair city and decamped to L.A. to find inspiration (and oodles of strippers at Crazy Girls, where they performed regularly), the band will be returning to the District  on Oct. 1 for an album release show at the Rock & Roll Hotel. No word yet on whether the “onstage dancers” from the band’s Crazy Girls gigs will be coming with them.

“In Hollywood, we found a lifestyle that matched the music we wanted to make,” singer Mick Coogan boasts in a press release. “We found muses in the beautiful California girls and inspiration in the excess.  Our record is a natural expression of how we live and we’re proud of it.” Yes, Coogan used to be an English teacher before the Dance Party became a full-time occupation, but it sounds like that bridge is burned to an ember if this whole rock star thing doesn’t work out. Fingers crossed, guys!

(Author’s note: Only this post could make me feel dirty about using normally unloaded words like “members,” “release,” and “coming.”)

The Dance Party performs Friday, Oct. 1 at the Rock & Roll Hotel, 1353 H St. NE. (202) 388-ROCK.