Good morning, everyone. Autumn just stepped in for a visit. Strange, isn’t it? Today’s forecast calls for a partly sunny day with a high of 70. I swear, it was sweltering just last week—-not sure how I feel about all of this.

In case you missed it, the Dance Party is returning to the District, maybe with strippers! If crayons are more your thing, take a listen to The Five One‘s Caribbean themed single, “Mandatory.” The members call themselves Red, Blue, Green, and Gold, and dress the part. I used to know a set of guys who called themselves the Colorheads. They also dressed and dyed their hair their respective colors–strange.

In other news, two local screenwriters make the cut for the D.C. Shorts Film Festival with screenplays dealing with break-ups and prison, TBD reports. Ever nostalgia for the days before Twitter and texting became our sole ways of communicating with other humans? We Love DC chronicles last week’s Mod Madness at the Textile Museum.If the rockstar lifestyle is more your bit, Brandon Bloch over at ReadysetDC photographs the Rockstar Diaries in Eastern Market.

The woes over at the Washington Times might still be salvageable, or not. Rev. Sun Myung Moon might be buying the publication back from his son, who has been threatening to shut the paper down, reports WaPo. A Dan Snyder buyout would’ve been more entertaining.

If you’re still perplexed by Lost–dead? not dead?–Matthew Fox discusses the after-life, or whatever, in a New York Times interview.

All right, everyone. Don’t forget, Rock the Bells is this weekend and Takersopens in theaters! T.I., Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen–what more could a girl ask for? Enjoy the lovely weather today, and keep your swag on.

Photo by woodleywonderworks. Creative Commons Attribution License.